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Pied Stilt roosting on shellbank, while waiting for the tide to recede. New Zealand Scaup cruises the Lake Whakatipu foreshore, Queenstown. Mother Mallard duck with her ducklings in tow. Ducks feeding in unision. New Zealand Kingfisher with a skink (small reptile ).
Blackbacked Gull inflight, Ponui Is, Hauraki Gulf. Two Songthrushes feeding their young at the nest situated in a Ponga ( tree fern ). Tui feeding on Kowhai flowers. Paradise Duck on rocks in riverbed, Kaimanawa ranges, Central North Is. Starling applying brakes as it comes into land at nest box.
Silvereye feeding on a Kiwifruit. New Zealand Kingfisher flying to nest in river bank. Red Billed Gull with fishing hook stuck in beak. Cock Pheasant inflight. Myna chick looking out of nest entrance in hollow trunk.

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