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Peter Vink breaches image copyright.

My photograph of the Pohutukawa flowers & Ponui Is, Firth of Thames, below, was used by the artist Peter Vink to produce a painting that he then attempted to sell on TradeMe, an auction site here in New Zealand, as an original artwork.

As can be seen from his painting further down, it is a very faithful reproduction, though he had tried to disguise its use by reproducing it back to front i.e the flowers & island were on the right hand side.He also claimed that the painting was of "Beautiful Pohutukawa overlooking the Coromandel Peninsular"

I have flipped it back to show that it matches my image perfectly.

Mr Vink has at no time approached myself or my agent, Photobank, to obtain permission or a reproduction licence to use this image.
This is a blatant breach of my copyright and upon informing TradeMe they agreed, removing the listing from their site.
How many other photographers & artists have had their copyright stolen by this painter?
KiwiPACT - Photograhers & Artists against Copyright Theft - is a new website that exists to educate all parties on the law & practice of copyright

New Zealands version of the christmas tree, the Pohutukawa, brings a splash of colour to northern coastlines. Image by Richard Spranger
Pohutukawa flowers & Ponui Is, Firth of Thames, NZ.
Original photograph by Richard Spranger
By placing your cursor over the image below, of the so called artwork, you will see that it very closely resembles my original photograph.

Peter Vinks copyright breaching painting versus my photograph.
Unauthorised painting by Peter Vink that breached my image copyright.

Image copyright belongs to photographers just as much as it does to other artists and the use of our images without permission is a form of theft that can be dealt with accordingly, via the legal system.

I am sure that you would rather pay a small licensing fee instead of having to deal with some large legal bills and fines.


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